Friday, September 26, 2008

VIDEO: Production Chevy Volt on the road

A few days ago GM finally introduced the production version of the Chevy Volt to the world (officially this time) much to the delight of the hundreds of journalists packing the hall and the thousands upon thousands of folks who descended upon the internets to get a good look and all the pictures. While it was truly wonderful to be able to see the car poised upon its pedestal after months of impatiently waiting and then sitting back and discussing things like whether this version will look better in a showroom than the original concept, it's quite another to see it in its natural environment, rolling down the road. Now, thanks to ├╝ber Volt fan Dr. Lyle Dennis, who helps keep the world up-to-date on all the details of the vehicle through his GM-VOLT website, we can show you just that. And more! Lyle has gotten hold of a promotional video featuring the 40 mile "E-rev" gently cruising around a track and has posted it on Youtube. Not only do we get to see the Volt moving along from all different angles but there are also lots of shots showing off the bling interior with all the fancy LCD displays doing their thing. The soundtrack isn't even half bad. Hit to jump to see the production version of the Volt in action!

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