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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Video - Nissan titan offroading

Cool video for nissan titan offroading and mudding , like the wheels and the lifting.

some times not always lifting is good when offroading specially on sand

Video - Nissan GTR R35 vs Z06 drag race


Dragrace between the legend r35 and z06 , notice that the Nissan GTR won in this drag WITHOUT launch control

Video - Nissan Xterra Compilation


Cool pics and video clips , good job

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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Video - Nissan Titan Offroading

titan play and wheeling on sand at the beach.
awesome wheels and liftig

Video - Toyota FJ VS Nissan Xterra


nice competitions , think Xterra Win :).

honeslty the Xterra driver seem has a little experience in sand and offroading .

Enjoy the show and don't forget your comments

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Video Chevrolet vs Ford vs Nissan Titan

a race between Nissan titan and chevy , ford trucks , nice show

Video - Awesome Xterra shot

Awesome shot , really imperssive shot .

i like Xterra as an offroad SUV, But nissan make it a solid car didcated for offroading only without any single entertainments , so my recommendation for nissan is to add a little luxury and it will be really awesome.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Video - Toyota Fj vs Tahoe z71


Street race between Toyota FJ and Tahoe Z71 , although Tahoe has more power (V 8) than fj (V 6) , the FJ easly beat Tahhoe and smoke him :)

Video - Nissan titan mudding


A little mud spot out in Smith Lake lakebed and a gmc getting stuck in ruts yeah go titan , go

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Video Xterra offroad event on


fantastic offroad drive with Xterra and frontier , nice show

Video - Nissan Titan Prerunner


really nice titan i like it

info :

The term PreRunner was used to describe a truck used to run the desert race course prior to the actual race

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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Video - Titan vs Tundra

Nissan titan smach and smoke hardley the Toyota tundra , i just like them "Titans" ...

1/8 drag race

Video DENALI 2007 from 0 to 200

The shot was in kuwait ,

awesome and powerful acceleration for DENALI

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BMW X1 at the Paris motor show 2008

The new X1 and 7-series were the stars of BMW’s Paris stand, but there were plenty more treats for showgoers, including the subtly revised 3-series saloon and Touring – the Efficient Dynamics-fettled 3 now boasting the lowest carbon emissions in its class.

Tell me more about the X1 and 7-series The X1 is BMW’s smallest off-roader, sitting below X5 and X3 – and, let’s not forget, above the soon-to-be-production-ready Mini Crossover Concept. In the metal it doesn’t actually look much smaller than the X3, but it does look a hell of a lot lower. It’s prettier than the X3 too, save the slightly odd clash of lines that congregate around the Hofmeister Kink area. BMW chairman Norbert Reithofer gave the Lexus LS a not-so-subtle kick in the goolies when he introduced the new 730d. ‘It uses only 7.2 litres per 100km,’ he said. ‘Can you think of any of today’s large hybrids that offer comparable mileage?’ Ooof. With the Lexus already down, BMW then went in for the kill with the world premier of the 7-series Active Hybrid – a V8 petrol augmented with electric hybrid power to boost mpg by 15 percent. It’ll be with us early in 2009, as will an Active Hybrid X6. Take that RX350!

What else is new on the BMW stand? CAR got incredibly distracted by a white 125i coupe kitted out with BMW’s Performance range: hardcore Recaros, carbon aero aids, M3-CSL style induction kit and six-pot brakes. Elsewhere we spotted the world debut of the 320d Xdrive Touring. Forget a hybrid X6, surely this is the ultimate four-by-four for eco-conscious downsizers.

CAR's verdict: BMW at the Paris motor show 2008You've got to hand it to them – BMW aren't standing still. There's still something of the Marmite about them; you'll either love or loathe its latest design statements, but you can't argue with the hybrid achivements or the persistent downsizing being offered.


what i think is that they take the new FX and G37 and merge them with a little BMW lines and touches .

Video Nissan Patrol 4x4 offroading

The King of the forest having real offroading and fun haha ...:)

Video - nissan titan 0-60


Fast titan acceleration from 0 -- 60 , nearly 6 sec

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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Video - Nissan Titan VS Dodge Ram 3500


Friday night drags at Altanta motorspeedway. Good race.

although the Dodge ram 3500 has hug engine , it failed in drag race with nissan titan .

i think the ram 3500 designed to to be a pull and heavy duty truck not a light and speedy truck cause it has huge torque , nissan titan on other hand is in the mid it's not very light truck and it's not a heavy duty truck .

good job nissan :)

video Official GTR 2009 video

official video for GTR , graphics video , that demonestrate how powerful GTR , enjoy :)

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Video nissan armada vs yukon denali

nissan armada (5.6 L) vs yuken denali (6.2 L)

with all that GMC power nissan armada kept side by side with it

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Video : Test Drive, Nissan Armada 2008


Jeff Gilbert finds the Armada a very nice, but very thirsty, SUV.

R35 VS Mercedes CL65 AMG VS BMW M3

a street race between a nissan gt r35 a bmw m3 and a Mercedes cl65 amg
Fast like a sword , although the GTR start late it catch up with them and finally smoke them :)

Monday, October 6, 2008

Video : Funny nissan armada commercial

lol the funny thing for the first time i know that girls like armada

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Video : MC Design Whips 2008 Unique Nissan Armada Sport


cool and amazing paint for the beast .

This 2008 Armada was built for Esserman Nissan featuring a two tone paint scheme along with custom two tone interior and 24's. This truck also sports a billet grill, color matched mirrors, badges, side steps, and front and rear bumper trim. Lastly the roof rack bypass give this truck the too tough to handle look. Custom silver smoking of the taillights keep it all together.

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Video : Crash Test of 2007 Nissan Armada

that's a prove how nissan armada is safe and protect the drivers and other passengers

Video : Hummer Nation

wow Mudding and extreme offroard , wish i was there with them ...