Thursday, September 25, 2008

Video : 3 Porsche Turbo 997 vs GTR !!

3 Porsche Turbo 997 get Killed By GTR hahaha :D

hmmm ,But would it matter if it were 3 porsche or 100000 porsche ....

Video : GTR VS Z06 !!

this race captured in Suadi Arabia , i think in Jedda City . Corevette fan boys get ready to be smoked :P~

what i notice there is HUGE amount of Corvette fan boys insist that a stock z06 would beat a stock GTR , well the above one "z06" is modified with exhaust system & ECU, Enjoy ...

Video : Nissan GT-R R35 VS MB CL65 AMG(612hp)

First run

Second run

amazing !

Video : VQMotorings GTR Smokes VQMotorings Porsche 997TT

Both cars are modified by VQMotorings

With only exhaust system & access port performance the GTR easily win on this race , watch the second race really beautiful how the GTR catch even with Porsche start earlier .

Imported from YOUTUBE

Video : Skyline GTR 2009 vs Blown Cobra Mustang 500 RWHP

Finally modified Mustang with new GTR , awesome video that demonstrate how powerful is the GTR , enjoy Imported from YOUTUBE